Mining Development & Risk Assessment

DMT has extensive experience in mining and mine development geophysics, with a specialisation in the support of risk management regarding structures such as tailings dams and studies for environmental impact.

Surveys have been conducted in environments ranging from the jungles of Africa to the high Andes in Peru, and from the Canadian Arctic to the South Pacific. DMT Geosciences has employed nearly every geophysical method available to address a wide variety of mine related project objectives.

Because our expertise spans a wide range of geophysical methods and we have experience with these methods in a variety of geological settings, we can bring unique solutions to complicated problems using carefully designed and collected multi-method geophysical surveys.


CASE HISTORY: Mount Polley Review
LOCATION: Mount Polley Mine, Canada

OBJECTIVES: Evaluate the use of geophysics in tailings dam construction. DMT was consulted as an expert on geophysics during the Mount Polley Independent Expert Engineering Investigation and Review Panel at the recommendation of Panel Chair Dr. Norbert Morgenstern, P.Eng.
DMT as an organization is dedicated to providing thorough and professional analysis, advice, data acquisition and results to maximize the effectiveness of geophysics in engineering projects to minimize risk posed by geological hazards.

Final Mount Polley Report: here