DMT Geosciences specializes in geophysical investigations for groundwater using data from ground and airborne geophysical methods including: EM, resistivity/IP, seismic, magnetics, and gravity gradiometry,


  • Paleochannel Mapping
  • Mine inundation mitigation
  • Saline water mapping
  • Vadose zone studies
  • Environmental and contamination studies
  • Groundwater in bedrock structure, fractures and basal water sands

Cross section based on combined interpreted results of multi-method geophysical study incorporating borehole control and including 2D seismic, EM and airborne gravity gradiometry.

Groundwater Investigation - Mapping Paleo-Channels in Northern Alberta

North-East Alberta, Athabasca Oil Sands


Using multiple geophysical methods to study incised valley systems, inter-till paleochannels, deep saline aquifers and bedrock structure for regional groundwater exploration, Devonian geoscience studies, mine inundation risk analysis and protection of potable water supplies.