DMT Geosciences has extensive experience in geophysical investigations for geotechnical engineering applications using surface and borehole geophysical methods.

We offer many types of geotechnical testing for site investigations. Our engineers cover groundwater surveys, analyses of rock and soil conditions, feasibility studies and consulting for your geotechnical project. We combine several geotechnical testing methods to be able to gather complimentary data to deliver an analysis suitable for your needs.

Applications of Geotechnical Surveys

  • Rippability and pre-excavation studies
  • Pipeline ROW
  • Road bed/bridge deck/pavement studies
  • Determination of dynamic soil properties/downhole seismic testing
  • Soil resistivity measurements/grounding design
  • Geophysical borehole logging in vertical and deviated holes
  • Granular deposits
  • Delineation of taliks
Two of our current investigations at geotechnical engineering sites in Canada consist of a flood mitigation feasibility study and a sinkhole mitigation study. Our geophysicists work on surveying and on-site measurements to create rock and soil profiles, determining stratigraphy, and conducting risk assessments.

Flood mitigation feasibility study in the Highwood River Basin

High River, Alberta


Using a combination of seismic and ground resistivity surveys to identify and measure the thickness of coarse grained sediments and determine the depth to bedrock.

Dyrgas Gate Sinkhole Mitigation

Canmore, Alberta


Determine the elevation of the bedrock and locate an airshaft from abandoned coal workings.