Environmental Geophysics refers to the use of geophysical techniques to explore the near surface. One of the DMT Geosciences' core areas of expertise is in dealing with environmental oriented objectives and it encompasses almost all methods we enact. Due to this, we have extensive experience collecting and interpreting environmental data.


  • Contaminant delineation
  • Groundwater detection and monitoring
  • Soil type analysis
  • Borehole logging
  • Muskeg mapping
  • Permafrost mapping
  • Void detection (Karst and erosion)
  • Landfill delineation and monitoring
  • Bedrock mapping
  • Aggregate detection and mapping
  • Buried utilities (pipelines and UST)

DMT has developed an alternative approach to environmental geophysics. With a more sophisticated approach and a team of Professional Geophysicists, DMT strives to provide our clients with data that has advantages over traditional EM methods.

The advantage of DMT's approach:

  • Improved volume estimates of salt impacted areas
  • Increased accuracy and depth information
  • Significant cost savings during the 'dig and dump' stage of remediation