Compliance & Safety


DMT Geosciences Ltd. (DMT or the “Company”) has a Permit to Practice (P-09454) issued by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA). As of February, 2003 section 48(1)(d) of the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Regulations under the Engineering and Geosciences Professions Actrequires all APEGA permit holders to develop and maintain a Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) that is appropriate to their areas of practice. Click Here to download a copy of our PPMP.

The PPMP is a written description of corporate policies, procedures and systems used to ensure that appropriate standards of professional practice are maintained. it is a management tool that documents a permit holder’s procedures for planning, implementing, documenting and assessing the effectiveness of activities that constitute the Company’s scope of practice.

DMT Geosciences’ PPMP incorporates by reference all of DMT and its shareholder policies governing safety, ethics, risk management, authority limits and professional development.

DMT Geosciences Ltd. operates across Canada and internationally and is committed to ensuring its clients obtain appropriate professional advice from its staff. We ensure that all professional staff are registered or licensed to practice in the jurisdictions in which they live or work. This PPMP describes DMT policy as it relates to our practice of engineering and geoscience.

Health & Safety Policy

DMT Geosciences Ltd. (DMT or the “Company”) is committed to a high standard of achievement in a health and safety program that protects our employees and their families, the general public, the environment and our property and that of our clients. Employees at every level are responsible and accountable for DMT’s health and safety performance. Active participation by everyone, every day, and, in every situation is necessary to achieve the DMT standard for safety in the workplace. Click Here to down load a copy of our Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan.

Management will set the example and provide the leadership in the implementation of the Health and Safety Policy. DMT management will maintain a safe working environment and will provide proper equipment, training and instruction for all employees. Employees are responsible for following DMT policies and procedures, and working towards improving health and safety conditions at the workplace as well as at the home.

Every DMT employee will be familiar with the requirements of the applicable provincial occupational health and safety legislation as it relates to their individual position and responsibilities. DMT employees are expected to participate fully in the DMT HSE Management Program as a condition of employment. Employees are expected to develop and maintain safe working and living environments through the recognition of unsafe acts and conditions and by taking the necessary corrective actions. Each and every individual, as a direct result of DMT’s HSE Management Program and through personal initiative will be expected to understand the difference between a hazard and a risk, be expected to correct unsafe conditions, counsel others and adopt a healthy and safe working attitude.

DMT firmly believes that people are our most important asset. Each individual is important to themselves, their family, their community, our clients and DMT. Accidents and injuries are always costly to the individual and often disastrous to the future and security of the individual’s family. The achievement of objectives at the expense of the potential for personal injury or environmental damage is not acceptable. Doing our jobs safely ensures that each of us will be able to enjoy leisure time with our friends and loved ones, free of the pain and hardship that can result from a preventable injury or accident.

Our goal is a healthy and safe workplace for all employees. By acting together on all aspects of the DMT HSE Management Program, we can achieve this priority goal.

Environmental Policy

The protection of the environment is an extension of DMT Geosciences Ltd.‘s HSE Management Program. Our HSE Management Program is designed to protect employees from hazards; the same protection will be extended to the environment. DMT will take responsibility for the pressure it places on the environment and we commit to doing our share to mitigate our impact.