Kamloops CIM Conference

DMT Geosciences will be well represented at the CIM Maintenance Engineering and Mine Operators Conference in Kamloops between September 29 and October 1. DMT staff have co-authored two papers, one on shaft surveys and the other on geophysical methods for risk assessment at oil sands mines.

Full details of the conference can be found at:


Oilsands Mining Operations Risk

Matrix Development Greg Boonstra, Suncor Inc., Jim Henderson, Director Geophysics and Consulting and Robert Perrin, DMT Geosciences Ltd.

New approach for safe, fast and accurate Monitoring of deep mine shafts Norbert Benecke, DMT GmbH & Co. KG and Peter Cain, Ph.D., P.Eng., Director, Engineering and Consulting DMT, Geosciences Ltd..

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