SummitX1 Acquisition


DMT Geosciences has a new SUMMIT X ONE seismic system! The equipment provides truly low environmental impact while maintaining ultra-high data quality and low noise impact. Our field crews love it because it is easy to set up, lightweight to port around, and minimizes the number of wires necessary to deploy each measurement. Data transfer is lightning quick to reduce the time between stacks, allowing for more data acquisition per field day.

The SUMMIT X One recording system is used in combination with DMT’s decades long of experience doing high-resolution seismic in logistically difficult, environmentally sensitive areas and even underground in mines.
The SUMMIT X One represents the latest generation of DMT’s long-standing successful SUMMIT product line of field seismographs. Ultra-small one-channel remote units link to a thin, lightweight SUMMIT self-healing wire via optimized SUMMIT SNAP-ON technology, which has resulted in a system that ranks in the world’s most flexible wired seismic acquisition technologies.

Some of the specifications of the SUMMIT X One which we are most excited about include:
* Any receiver spacing ranging from tens of meters down to one meter can be realized with the same set of equipment
* Reliable and fast data transfer offers immediate and full quality control of acquired seismic data
* The option of continuous data streaming also enables passive seismic applications such as monitoring of reservoir stimulation measures and MASW
* High resolution 2D and 3D seismic surveys, and innovative patterns also in challenging terrain
Contact us to see how the SUMMIT X One can help to optimize your engineering, environmental or exploration project!

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