Complementary Methods - The DMT Advantage

DMT Geosciences specializes in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of near-surface geophysical data. Converse to the approach of organizations that rely on a small selection of methods, DMT draws from a wide range of available tools with the necessary experience to determine those most suitable for the survey objectives. DMT's personnel are among the world's most experienced practitioners of shallow seismic reflection and refraction, ground penetrating radar (GPR) and capacitive coupled resistivity. In addition, DMT has considerable experience with airborne geophysical data interpretation. For more information on available geophysical methods click on the links below:

Ground Penetrating
Radar (GPR)

Seismic Methods

Electromagnetic Methods

  • Frequency Domain (FEM)
  • Time Domain Sounding (TEM)
  • Buried Metal Detectors (EM61)

Electrical Methods

Potential Fields

  • Gravity
  • Magnetics