DMT Geosciences provides geophysical services to a wide variety of clients from a broad range of disciplines, ranging from the world's largest mining, oil and gas companies and government organizations, to specialist engineering and environmental consultancies and junior mining companies.

Why Use Geophysics?

A well-designed geophysical program can provide critical information to help locate unexpected hazards, strategically place boreholes, and control contractor bids. Soil samples and boreholes provide detailed information of subsurface conditions on a small scale at specific locations. Conversely, geophysics provides continuity of general subsurface information between sample points, reducing the risk of encountering surprises that can result in cost overruns.


Geophysics relies on contrasts in physical properties between subsurface layers or buried objects in order to image targets. The geophysical methods employed must be sensitive to the property contrasts that are relevant to the objective. DMT offers a careful analysis of the survey objectives and uses a great breadth of experience to suggest the best method from a wide array of geophysical techniques. If necessary, DMT will not hesitate to suggest alternative approaches including rejecting the use of geophysics entirely. Even when the appropriate techniques are used, the scale of the property contrast must be sufficient for target discrimination. Additional consideration must be paid to the depth of investigation necessary and the resolution required. In general, the greater the penetration depth that is required, the less detail in the information obtained.