From finding ways to resolve high-arctic exploration logistics issues, to mine safety services or integrated geophysical solutions to engineering problems, our staff have the depth and experience to help the global resources industries. Our finance and banking clients rely on our wide ranging expertise in many different commodities and countries to properly advise them on their mining, oil & gas and other resource investments.

Global Reach

Mine Safety

  • Mine inspections
  • Health and safety audits
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety management systems
  • Risk management
  • Mine rescue

Mine Management & Operational Services

  • Operational assistance
  • Management and production audits
  • Production planning
  • Business planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety management systems
  • Training
  • Manpower development

Geophysical Consulting

  • Project design and management
  • Compilation and processing of geological and geophysical data
  • Modelling and inversion capabilities for magnetic, gravity and EM data
  • Interpretation and visualization of large, multi-survey geophysical data sets

Oil Sands

  • Aggregate studies
  • Lateral and vertical delineation of oil sand units
  • Mapping thickness and distribution of shale cap rock
  • Strategic targeting of drill holes
  • Mapping basement topography and depth
  • Monitoring steam migration
  • Identifying the presence of basal water sands
  • Determination of bedrock rippability and dynamic moduli
  • Groundwater investigations
  • Paleochannel delineation